808Ed professional development experiences will energize, motivate, and prepare your team to embrace the challenge of being an influential educator. Our core sessions set your team up for success and focusing on the fundamental concepts relevant to empowering educational environments.

Determine which 808Ed sessions will maximize your efforts and investment.


Efficacy of Excellence

Let the Boom power up your team with an inspiring professional development experience. Efficacy trainings are design to motivate, invigorate, and galvanize the positive outlook educators must leverage to inspire students. Teachers have incredible strengths that should feed their pedagogical perspective; Positive Teacher Efficacy makes those connections and provides tools for immediate implementation.



Cultural Partnerships

808Ed specializes conducting large group trainings that safely and strategically leverage the opportunities that exist when confronting constructs associated with Race, oppression, mass incarceration, and social disempowerment. Education is an act of social justice; learn specific classroom practices that allow students to see their teachers as transparent advocates



Purposeful Pedagogy

This session series frames how teachers can consistently planteach, and assess learning based on the expectations of Common Core Standards and State Testing. Implement a practical framework that will provide teachers with tools to simplify the complexity of standards driven instruction. 

Customized Instructional Design

808Ed offers customized professional development designed to add fire and passion to familiar or emerging school wide initiatives. These experiences are informed by the direction and vision of the leadership team and the school wide programming that is being implemented. The 808Ed team can develop a seamless training that prevents teachers from feeling like “another new thing” is being pushed onto to their plates. Ignite the staff, add Boom to your vision, and become an implementation leader in district initiatives that empower students.