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Inspire. Engage. Fuel

We are 808Ed because our work moves to the "drumbeat" of incredible instruction and captures the rhythm of Social and Emotional Learning.


15-Minutes Lasts Forever

Inspire relationships that yield results, engage in meaningful literacy instruction, and fuel achievement as a form of community activism. 808Education is a professional service social entrepreneurship; our specialty is providing low lift, high impact professional development and instructional resources based on the guiding principles of social and emotional learning.


Why SEL15?

Rich learning environments, quick engagement, and fruitful relationships sequenced in manageable 15-minute chunks. Celebrate diverse perspectives, honor common ground and create products that demonstrate growth. Humanize professional development. Harmonize classroom instruction. Easy to implement and meaningful to experience. Start 2019 by taking action with our sample SEL 15 lesson.

Services We Offer

Turn your cultural and instructional vision into a reality with innovative training solutions that effectively inspire, engage, and fuel today’s educator.

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Professional development

Activate your vision for school culture in physical spaces, operational procedures and instructional practices. 808Ed delivers dynamic in person professional development that will get your team excited and prepared about the culture of empowering instruction.

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Training Presentations

Innovative training solutions designed by 808Ed and delivered by school leaders. Authoring and implementation support offers customized learning experiences based on the vision and mission of instructional leaders and framed to positively impact SEL performance.

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Strategic Planning

Educator teams plan to positively influence the entire learning community. Leverage organizational strengths, design effective action steps, and achieve team objectives. Sequence the path towards your vision and mission with a collaborative journey through instructional technology, continuous improvement, and engaging planning strategies.

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Transform how people experience instructional leadership

I love participating in a Norman session and the opportunity to create his style of PD in your authentic voice is ground breaking.
— Mamie

15 lasts forever when our leadership and lessons honor strenths.

Participants, who in the past, sat comfortably in the role of naysayer, were actively engaged and excited about the readily usable interactive strategies and concepts.
— Robin, Learning Community Administrator

move to the beat of incredible instruction. 

Investing 15 minutes a day to ground your students and staff in relevant topics through engaging instructional strategies is more than any educator could ask for.
— Kristen, Exceptional Ed Coordinator