Get Excited for Monday

Educators leave excited and ready to implement fresh strategies after 808 in person presentations. 


Legendary Leadership!

Principal15 in person administration engagements get instructional leaders invested and equipped to construct fruitful culture.  Engage and furnish the leadership team with relevant culture building strategies and instructional tools that exemplify achievement all the way through the line. 


Uber engagement!

Relationship15 is a collaboration between leaders, teachers, and students. Experience PD on the same beat, under the same roof, on common ground with the students who define whats cool, in your school. Exchange lived experiences, share strengths, and nurture fruitful relationships through practical culturally responsive instructional practices.  



Instructional Liberation!

Performance15 in person trainings get teachers excited about teaching and prepared to implement immediately. Refine relationship building and instructional practices with strategies that harness student strengths and prioritize the skill and expectations of Standards and State Testing. 


Power Up, Not Down! 

STEAM15 sessions propel culturally responsive instruction into the future. The model of pedagogy represents the art and science of device technology, social media, and hip-hop culture. Teach with the strengths of urban schools as wind in your sails instead of egg on your face. Get ready to go for it!   


808 Education provides energizing and productive Professional development. During an 808Education session, it is obvious that participants immediately build rapport with everyone involved which helps ensure that all participants meet the goals of the session.
— Holly, Managing Director, Nashville Teacher Residency

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