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Build empowering school and classroom culture through instruction in the first fifteen minutes of any engagement. We develop, mediate, and  deliver premium professional learning experiences. Exemplify a culture of excellence, prioritize liberation, and influence community achievement. 


Performance 15 training experiences energize participants, model authentic engagement and get educators excited about the work. 808EducationLLC prepares participants for effective implementation of P15 instructional frameworks. Invest in excellence, energize performance, and believe in amazing trainings again. Click the button below to connect and begin customizing your next professional learning experience. We provide a range of exciting experiences:  

  • Cultural Team Building 
  • Instructional Engagement  
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Shared Accountability  

Principal 15 is a series of learning experiences for leaders who want to facilitate powerful team interactions. Deliver dynamic 15-minute presentations before any team engagement to stimulate membership, electrify culture, and build a community of performance. You are an effective  instructional leader, fuel the millennia, leverage strengths and drive accountability through examples of excellence. 

  •  Facilitate premium professional learning experiences 
  • Model engaging instructional strategies  
  • Prioritize culture and climate 

Professional Development Services

808Ed offers customized professional development that will get your team excited about the work and provide transferrable tools for immediate implementation.  Add rhythm, passion, and relevance to your next professional development experience. 

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Performance 15 PD

Rock you next teacher evaluation and show the world that you are committed setting students up for success as an amazing classroom teacher. The culture of performance trains educators on how to increase student engagement through asset based instruction. Refine your instructional tool kit with strategies that harness student strengths and prioritize the skill and expectations of Common Core Standards and State Testing. 

Principal 15 PD

Increase your influence as central office leaders and galvanize your team of district Principals. Invest in premium professional development for your leaders and pilot each campus towards a culture of rich school experiences and cognitive prosperity.  Principal 15 professional learning will engage instructional leaders with relevant culture building strategies and instructional tools that exemplify achievement. 



Strategic Planning

808Ed strategic planning sessions are designed to leverage your organizational strengths in order to advance business and cultural objectives. Roadmap your next initiative through the process of collaborative intelligence and prepare to identify, measure, and celebrate outcome achievements. Sequence the path towards your vision and mission with action steps through strategic planning engagements informed by your desired organizational culture. 

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