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Performance 15 training experiences energize participants, model authentic engagement and get educators excited about the work. 808EducationLLC prepares participants for effective implementation of P15 instructional frameworks. Invest in excellence, energize performance, and believe in amazing trainings again. Click the button below to connect and begin customizing your next professional learning experience. We provide a range of exciting experiences:  

  • Cultural Team Building 
  • Instructional Engagement  
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Shared Accountability  

Principal 15 is a series of learning experiences for leaders who want to facilitate powerful team interactions. Deliver dynamic 15-minute presentations before any team engagement to stimulate membership, electrify culture, and build a community of performance. You are an effective  instructional leader, fuel the millennia, leverage strengths and drive accountability through examples of excellence. 

  •  Facilitate premium professional learning experiences 
  • Model engaging instructional strategies  
  • Prioritize culture and climate 

Performance 15 (P15) is a series of culturally responsive lessons accessible through the 808 blog. We call them P15 because each experience is a sequence of five, fifteen minute lessons. Our clients use Performance 15 to prioritize culture, electrify ELA standards and prepare for summative assessments during the first 15 minutes of class. Each P15 Power Point and student booklet is designed to stimulate strengths, unveil diverse perspectives and scaffold new understandings. 

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