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#Social Entrepreneurs 

808Education is a professional service social entrepreneurship. We provide innovative training solutions that effectively inspire culture, engage cognition, and fuel activism. Our specialty is delivering low lift, high impact, culturally responsive professional development for today's educator.

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Transform how people experience instructional leadership

I love participating in a Norman session and the opportunity to create his style of PD in your authentic voice is ground breaking.
— Mamie

Inspire Culture 

how people feel about learning, working and being together 

15 lasts forever when our leadership and lessons honor strenths.

Participants, who in the past, sat comfortably in the role of naysayer, were actively engaged and excited about the readily usable interactive strategies and concepts.
— Robin, Learning Community Administrator

Engage Cognition

New learning that connects to our feelings and emotions  

Fuel Activism 

Delivering innovation that propels Educators, Students, and communities into the future.  

move to the beat of incredible instruction. 

Investing 15 minutes a day to ground your students and staff in relevant topics through engaging instructional strategies is more than any educator could ask for.
— Kristen, Exceptional Ed Coordinator